General Terms and Conditions


We would like to inform you that by using the website available at, you as a customer (consumer) declare that you know and accept the following, Ptk. (Act V of 2013) general contract conditions written on the basis of §§ 6:77-6:81. Please, if you wish to be a customer or an active user of the options offered by our Online Store (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store or Store), please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully and only use our services if you agree with all of their points and consider them to be binding on you. looking at. This document is concluded exclusively in electronic form. The contract governed by the following conditions is the Civil Code. is considered a contract concluded between persons who are absent.

Operator data:

Name: Molnár Ildikó e.v.

Headquarters: 6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Rigó u. 27

Tax number: 57601267-1-26

Registration number: 50762756

Contract language: Hungarian Electronic contact:

Telephone contact: +36-70-636-6634

Account number: Raiffeisen Bank 12068009-01785485-00100009

Contact details of the hosting provider:

Name: ITM Creative Group Kft.

Address: 1027 Budapest, Margit körút 48.

Storage location: 1132 Budapest Victor Hugo utca 18-22.

Contact: +36 30 592 00 99 /

Responsible person: Norbert Kocsis In these general terms and conditions, the service provider is hereinafter referred to as: Operator.

Range of products and services available for purchase Warning: The images displayed on the product data sheet may differ from the real thing, in some cases they are only shown as illustrations.

Order information The displayed products can only be ordered online through the Webstore, with home delivery by courier or personal collection by the customer or his authorized representative. The prices displayed for the products include the statutory 19%-23% VAT, but do not include the home delivery fee. If the operator displays an incorrect price next to the product, despite the care expected from him, and the price of the product differs from its generally accepted price, the operator is not obliged to supply the product at the incorrect price, but is obliged to offer the customer the real price in the confirmation of the order the possibility of purchasing at a price. If the buyer does not wish to use this option, he has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract. No separate packaging costs will be charged. The detailed delivery tariff is part of these terms and conditions, see point 4: Method of payment of the price of the ordered product and the delivery fee. In our store, in addition to the listed products, you can view a short description, price, and other features of each product, without the need for completeness. If you want to get more information about the product, click on the image or name of the product. You will then be taken to the product page, where you can get more detailed information about the product. If you need more detailed information, please contact the Shop at the phone number recorded under the contact menu item.

Order process By clicking the “Add to Cart” button, you can place the product in the Cart, the system does not require registration. If you want to add an additional product to the cart, continue shopping by selecting a new product and adding it to the cart. If everything is fine and you have decided to place an order, you can check or change your selection by clicking on the cart icon before sending the order, or you can continue shopping by pressing the Continue Shopping button. If you do not want to add more products to the cart, you can press the Checkout button to continue your order by selecting the zip code that applies to the city or town where you want the products to be delivered from the fields that appear under the shipping fee calculation link. You can continue the order by filling in your data on the data sheet that appears after pressing the Continue to payment button. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory, without which the system will not allow you to send your order. You can finalize your order by clicking the “Send order” button. After you have finalized your order, we will send you an automatic confirmation containing your order details to the e-mail address you provided. If you do not receive such a letter, the system has not accepted your order. In such a case, please contact us, as already indicated, using the operator data. If you register, you can also view your orders on the Account page under the Orders menu item. After we have completed the processing of your order, we will send you an Order Closed confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. The product will only be delivered after this. As a result of the above, when making a purchase, you must also provide the data required for the purchase, such as your name, billing and delivery data, e-mail address, phone number, and you must accept these General Terms and Conditions by ticking the check box.

Processing orders Orders are processed on working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is also possible to place an order outside of the times marked as processing the order, but if it is done after the end of working hours, the order will only be processed on the following working day. The deadline for the accepted order is 1 – 3 working days for products in stock from the confirmation. In the event that the product is not in stock or individual logos are applied, 1-3 weeks. Method of payment for the price of the ordered product and the home delivery fee Method of payment for the ordered product Delivery by cash on delivery: The product is delivered by the courier service commissioned by us to the address specified by you, where the price of the product or products according to the invoice must be paid to the courier in cash. In the case of a cash on delivery order, the cash on delivery fee is added to the delivery cost. In the case of payment by cash on delivery, the ordered product must be paid in cash to the delivery person upon receipt of the package. In the case of payment via Simplepay, you can settle the amount of your purchase directly through OTP Bank’s secure system. The final amount to be paid includes all costs based on the summary of the order and the confirmation letter. The invoice is included in the package. / The invoice will be sent to you electronically to the e-mail address you provided. Please inspect the package before the delivery person, and in the event of damage or missing items, ask for a report and do not accept the package. We are unable to accept subsequent complaints without a protocol.

Home delivery rates The home delivery fee is automatically calculated by the system after entering the postal code of the delivery location, which is based on the following table: As registered mail: HUF 890 gross, Delivery to a collection point using Csomagküldő.hu: HUF 750 Delivery time For products in stock, 1 – 3 working days from the confirmation of the order. In case the product is not in stock 1-3 weeks Home delivery information Packages are delivered on working days between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. As a delivery address, it is advisable to enter an address where the courier can be received continuously during the time of day indicated, and where they can ensure the payment of the value of the shipment and the delivery fee, as well as the cash on delivery fee, to the courier. Only order the desired products if you can pay the courier the fee when you receive the package. In the case of returned packages that have not been received, we will charge the customer the cost of shipping and return shipping, and we will only be able to resend the package if the consideration for the package is settled in advance. If you have any further questions regarding the operation, order and delivery process of our store, we are available at the contact details provided in the Store data.

Right of withdrawal 45/2014 on contracts concluded between absentees. according to the regulations of the government decree, the provisions of this point can only be applied to the customer who is considered a consumer. Within 14 working days of receiving the ordered product, the consumer may withdraw from the contract without giving a reason, or return the ordered, unopened product. If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, he must communicate this to the operator in a clear written statement (by registered mail with return receipt or by e-mail). After receiving the cancellation statement, the operator is obliged to confirm it to the consumer immediately. In case of withdrawal, the consumer must return the ordered product to the operator within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal. The cost of the return is borne by the consumer. If the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, within 14 days after receiving the relevant statement, the operator is obliged to refund the payments he made to the consumer, including the delivery fee. The exception to this is if the consumer has chosen a mode of transport that incurs additional costs and is different from normal transport. The service provider does not have to fulfill its repayment obligation until the supplied product has been returned, or until the consumer has received creditworthy proof of the return of the product. In the event of a discrepancy between the two dates, the operator must take the earlier date into account. The operator may demand compensation from the consumer for material damage resulting from improper use. Therefore, pay particular attention to the intended use of the product, as the consumer is responsible for compensation for damages resulting from improper use.

Warranty and guarantee 151/2003, which contains the mandatory warranty rules for certain durable consumer goods for certain products distributed by the operator. According to government decree, a 1-year warranty period is available to the consumer from the day the product is handed over. The buyer is not entitled to the warranty if the defect occurred after the product was handed over to the consumer. In other respects, the warranty is governed by §§ 6.171-173 of the Civil Code. In the event of a defect in the supplied product, the operator may assert a warranty claim against the operator pursuant to the Civil Code. According to 6:159-167 :§ i. Dealing with complaints The Shop is obliged to record the complaint in the place indicated in the operator’s data, and to keep the complaint, together with the response, for five years from the date of recording. The operator examines the complaint received within 30 days of its receipt and must provide a meaningful response. If the operator gives a negative answer to a complaint, he must explain it in writing. Legal disputes arising from the contract with the operator can primarily be settled peacefully, by agreement between the parties, or before the competent consumer protection authority according to the consumer’s place of residence. If these do not lead to a result, the parties will have to go to court.

Data handling The operator keeps the personal data provided during the use of the online store confidential and does not disclose it to third parties, except in the case of its subcontractor. (Ex: courier service), this is necessary for the delivery of the order. During browsing of the online store, technical information is recorded for statistical purposes. (IP address, duration of visit, etc.). The operator will only hand over this data to the authorities if it is legally justified and substantiated. Cookies must be enabled to use the service. If you do not want to allow the use of cookies, you can disable them in your browser settings. If cookies are disabled, certain elements of the service can only be used partially or not at all. A cookie is a file that the server sends to the user’s browser and that is stored on the user’s computer. The data recorded during the order is used by the operator to fulfill the order. The data of the invoice created by the individual IT systems from the order placed on the pages of the online store is recorded with the data provided during the order placement and stored for the period specified in the accounting law in force. During the procedure that starts with the order, the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) govern, and the data management information of the service provider is available on the website. Other provisions In matters not regulated in these general terms and conditions, the Civil Code (Act V of 2013) and, in the case of consumer contracts, Act No. 45/2014 on absentee contracts. the provisions of the government decree are governing.